Glimpses of Grace (Biography)

Glimpses of Grace (Biography)

Author : Ron Banuk

Read the biography of a Baptist pastor who labored for fifty years in the Lord’s service.  Read his ten favorite sermons.  His simple works were fueled by hesed used providentially by Jehovah to usher in the Holy Spirit to bring the salvation of Jesus Christ to lost souls so that we all may fulfill the reason of our existence—praising the Lord!  Just prior to terminating his dialysis treatment, the pastor said about his wife, Ruth: “Her love for me keeps me focused on the two most important things in this life: praising the Lord and bringing souls through the narrow gate to salvation.”  I saw him give his final sermon, nearly blind, and with pre-sermon verbal prompting by his wife.  It was an honor to do his biography.

This work may be accessed online under Articles.

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