Jesuit Priests, Jesuit God

Jesuit Priests, Jesuit God

Author Name:

Date of publication: 2003

Pages: 33

When Martin Luther (1483-1546) visited Rome in 1510 a year before receiving his doctorate, he was mortified at what he saw.  When I nearly five hundred years later visited Rome and noticed that nothing had changed, I decided to write this story.  This well illustrated document records the usurpation of the emerging Roman Catholic Church (the sixth head of Revelation) of the pagan culture (first five heads) that preceded it.  It is shown that Catholic Temples in Rome were purposely located over dedicated pagan sites.  In particular the symbolism, anthropomorphisms, and zoomorphisms in the Jesuit Temples Chiesa del Gesù and St. Ignatius of Loyola are dissected.  Finally the Temple of the original Triad of Jupiter, Minerva, and Juno purchased at great price by the Jesuits which stands adjacent to the famous Gregorian University is shown to be a requirement for their sun god worship.  This I have seen firsthand when given a rare tour of the Greg on 29 June 1994.

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