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Prayer Guidelines

Date of publication: 2007

Pages: 22

This manuscript covers the following technical and spiritual aspects of prayer: How to, Reasons for, Admonitions, Promises, Apostle’s Prayer, Places for, Positions for, Times for, Types of, Examples...

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Pre-Biblical Revelation

Date of publication: 2009

Pages: 48

This Power Point presentation explores the full meaning of the Protoevangelium (Ge 3:15), the original meaning of the Mazzarot (Job’s term for the constellations), early Biblical archeology, Flood...

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Statesmen on God

Date of publication: 2009

Pages: 28

No matter how famous a person has become, or what powers he has attained in this world, it is humbling to know that he too must come before...

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Commentary on John

Date of publication: 2009

Pages: 27

The work includes 128 verse and pericope-level commentaries on the Gospel according to John.  I guarantee you that there are facts within this document that you have not...

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God Immanent

Date of publication: 2005

Pages: 165

This book must be purchased through PayPal to be read.  It contains 23 short stories some of which occurred within my own family and the others through people...

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Jesuit Priests, Jesuit God

Date of publication: 2003

Pages: 33

When Martin Luther (1483-1546) visited Rome in 1510 a year before receiving his doctorate, he was mortified at what he saw.  When I nearly five hundred years later...

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Hell and Its Divisions

Date of publication: 2009

Pages: 6

This is actually a single view-graph presentation.  Sheol of the OT and Hades of the NT are equivalent and for the soul only, whereas Gehenna or the Lake...

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Om Saleem: Prophecy in 1933

Date of publication: 2009

Pages: 38

This document gives a bird’s eye perspective of Signs and Wonders, which was published in 1933.  It is best to read only after having read the original document...

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Signs and Wonders

Date of publication: 1993

Pages: 54

This document records the visions of Hanneh Elias Aghaby, known as Om Saleem in Amman, Trans-Jordan in 1933.  The scribe was her oldest son, Saleem B. Kawar, who...

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Anti-Christ and the Rapture

Date of publication: 2009

Pages: 55

The Rapture is discussed from a Premillennial Dispensationalist viewpoint, but major arguments form Postmillennialists and Amillennialists are covered.  The author is a Pretribulationalist, but discusses Midtribulationalist and Posttribulationalist...

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